Yes the volcano was our original picture and why not? If you don't speak Italian, It's Leon's Landslide of makes us happy to say so,
First of all, Let us introduce the VICAR GENERAL OF THE VALANGA, the LANDSLIDE HIMSELF, the LOONY LOOPY LOSCO OF Letizia and LOVE, Pier Giorgio Frassati.
Facing a pile of patriarcal paperwork, the company was perplexed..cosa possiamo fare, what should we do, said the paradise posse?
Pardon me, said Pier Giorgio politely, posso io essere Padrino?
(May I be the Godfather?)
In other words, Il Padrone? the Boss? What I mean is...the Presidente Da Paradiso del Proietto?
God's proposals of governance are better than ours...he knows more than we do.
So pier Giorgio was devoted to Guzman's rosary which was a cheat sheet for people who didnt have time to sing the whole mass all day, seven times a day...who could do that except priests?
The employee handbook of the valanga could thus be the rosary, If the story of the Incarnation is true, then all life will follow the cybernetic pattern that God took to plant eternity in the world..and if tis not true well we may as well test it out.
So the first lesson is the annunciation which is the voice of Gabriel the Gust of God or love or life or whatever you wish to call it, in your heart..that big bang,that volcano that is YOU and NOBODY ELSE BUT YOU.
Gabriel as we have noted before, went first to Zacaria but was rejected, Zach didnt want to listen and Gabe said well, then you have to repeat first grade, and sent Zach into the corner with his mouth taped up and a dunce cap on. (This is what Engelblaus do if you call them blowhards..they simply haze you out so you cant argue with them. Its not a personal thing.).
Gabriel then went to Maria, who said "Im all in." And Gabriel whose gaudio at the Glory of God was then Gargantuan, said "thats my girl!" and went back to heaven with the Good news.
That is lesson one.
Listen, then speak..Maria went off to VISIT her cousin and relay the message.
THis is lesson two: you LISTEN, then you speak what you have heard, what your heart or God or the angel tells you.
Not only that, but interestingly, Maria did not hijack a horse, not even a heroic hidalgo horse, or boost a combustion engine bugatti and rev it up and drive away from the powerful priest who had rejected the message...instead she went humbly to his house first of all. Perhaps she went by foot, or on a donkey.
This is like Pier giorgio who often travelled third class in order to save money which he would give to the poor.
He noted however that charity in the personal level was not sufficient...systemic change was needed.

The volcano symbolizes so much about what we are about...from Pier giorgio to pompeii...Aetna and the adventure up MOUNT DOOM to blow up the volcano...after passing UNDER MORIA on Midsummers eve when the full moon rose (is this true) and battling the the MERMAIDS and the magical moon...Do you not know that Uriel is the fire of God? that God came to start a fire upon the earth?
Did you know phidippedes ran 300 miles and that part of this was due to a religious belief about the full moon? Its TRUE.
Do you suppose the Tsarnaev brothers knew this?
If so, did they care?
Do you suppose they knew the story of Prince's movie...
The goal would be to have a virtual community land trust all over the globe which is like the Entrance to Eden and as we see many people are already helping to build this..
we could call this the Vineyard of the Valanga, since wine is very popular and makes people happy which is why Jesus who is no fool often used vinyards in his parables, and used wine along with bread at the Supper.
sometimes the mind is a better bridge than the heart because people's hearts contain emotions which are sometims amorphous..expression through art can be complemented by exposition of ideas...empathy and community can be created in various ways.
If you want to use your body you can try "ALBANIL" or the ALVIN AILEY ACADEMY both of which require ATTIVITA DELL'ALLENATORE, it sure is fun to fool around with the fire of the spirit but let us clarify, both dancing and landscaping are forms of artistic expression that do not require words but engage your body in fundamental ways.

In other scientific news, recent brushes with the medical profession have led to research on Amiodarone..did you know the European pharma doled out freebies to the US doctors then threatened to stop if the FDA did not grant premature approval without the urgent randomized clinical trials that prevent one sided positives?
THIS SUNDAYS gospel Oct 18 the feast of Luke the DISCIPLE DOCTOR LIKE DAMIAN OF MOLOKAI.....render unto caesar..clearly the trustees need to hear this...but does this have anything to do with BDA? Actually it does, becaues if you don't bda briNG THAT AXX and also that ANGEL who apologizes in the orignal sense of the word, and that AMORE which allows your heart ot accept if you dont BDA to the sermons of jesus you won't get it.
The first duty of love is to listen.
So we see that Jesus was not advocating anarchy, at least not just yet...of course, caesars property rights are temporary, and as meaningless as his face on a coin....the coin is but a representation of human labor and the fruits of the earth, and Caesar like the patriarch Joseph a mere administrator...NO MORE..and he had no right to kill anybody but the Platonic idea of beauty was that it was in the eternal starry realms only....Jesus had not yet descended to put things right...
this just in...descendants of the famed barbarian brothers of venice CA planned to buy out the rights to the lucrative "venice vinyards of the visigoths and vandals" thus forcing all area pizzerias to purchase wine from their conglomerate, but have apparently been bamboozled by the gabuzzo brothers of northern new Jersey, whose bamboozlement tactics are not written down but instead communicated by a series of hand gestures known only to members of the gabuzzo clan.
Wall street day traders were baffled by the elaborate and entirely hand based language, which resulted in shares of gabuzzo gardens and wineries inc. inexplicably skyrocketing in value.
baloney!babbled bezos who is behind the botched buyout. you big biceppsd bozos bungled to biz!We do not apologize for being followers of LA VIA LA VERITA AND LA VITA. We use apology in its original Greek sense.
Patronize our Pals, Cerini coffee, Friends of Blu and City Angel, YSAX radio El Salvador, Padre Pio Tv, Friars of free beer (kidding) Connect All discount devices, Trees and Plants, logos soon come.
Plug in your heart, and mobilize the vitality of your goodness.
Yes, the Leopards tale needs to be told in its entirety..not the tale of the gatto pardo but of the leper...made a leper and excluded from society through no fault of her own..the Prince of lies will muddy the waters of the river of reality whenever he can....
We pause for a moment today to mention Albino Luciani, the Pope who like Rutilio grande, died under foggy circumstances after skirmishing with greedy and powerful people, and whose birthday is tomorrow...
what does he have to do with Lucky Luciani? If you say, nothing, or merely a last name, y ou are mistaken. Lucky Luciani wrote a book about Albino Luciani last year. at least thats the rumor. frankly, we think pope frank took his cue from Albino.
it is telling that the name ALBINO LUCIANI means, the light of dawn.
Mother theresa loved him so very dearly and we invoke his aid to shine "all of God's lights" on the borghetto university.
We pause here to clarify the tales of the Gabuzzos, which was a result of the first "skirmishes" and the wars with the unbelieving authorities.
first of all the theory of faerie, the cauldron of human experience of the supernatural which takes many forms and which is often referred to as "make believe".
In fact as Tolkien realized in the trenches, faerie is not simply the opiate of the people but a door to Paradise.
a human willingness to suspend ordinary judgment is essential to communicate with God, whose ways are so good that they transcend our ways in inexplicable infinities of purpose
God saw that it was good, the valangaverse that he had created and he put the people there to take care of the garden.

MAKE REFERENCE TO THE 6 grand the govt stole from that poor professor for teaching free classes.
so English speaking people will not be confused by carmine alvino's apologetics, or by valangas and engelblaus and Guadalupes here there and everywhere.
No longer will people say, isnt' Uriel excommunicated? (no, merely a victim of party politics) ..what's a valanga? (its the avalanche sparked by goodness) who is Leon (a heroic hitman) or where did you come up with Engelblau? (the listening angel from Klee)
This ecumenical effort set the valanga back $9 with fees, so consider a two penny contribution.

David bowie said, "a true story wants to be told on the silent earth."
How did we come to decide to make this mission public? The story is long but quite essential to know. Here are some salient details:
In March 24 2017 we created MONETINE MONDIALI so that if anyone asked, why is your money in a trust, we would point them to Phidippedes and the Boston Marathon Bombing which precipitated the original DOUBLE U initiative.
In March 2018 Romero was canonized by Pope Francis, and in April 25, rogation day, the day of St Mark, We held a ceremony to celebrate the graduation, based on Leon's Landslide and the video "E stata tua la colpa" named after pinocchio and the political puppets.
Exceedingly proud, the company applied for a few seed grants and a discounted computer.
ALmost immediately, the company received inquiries from the IRS. What is this company? What does it do?
On July st, The company began to tell its story, each mornign at seven am, after the Mass of Pio, using the mistical energy of the eucharist and the stigmata.

uriels grew out of the homelessness of a young girl made homeless by the mental illness in her family members, which caused her to flee for her own safety and eventaully to be responsible for the deranged relatives, which interfered wtih her education, and future in a decisive way. Thus recongnizing the need for universal access to knowledge and happiness, she began to craft not only her own education but a curriculum for anyone who shared this mission.

Simon and Garfunkle deplored the stifling effects of the "sounds of silence", noting "fools said I, you do not know. Silence like a cancer grows. Hear my words that I might teach you."
It is crucial to our mission to make public the reasons for this educational non profit.
As victims of violence and economic injustice, we are uniquely positioned to understand the need for encyclicals like "fratelli tutti" and movements like "@metoo" and "BLM".
Do not be deceived: There is no love without listening. There is no peace without justice. There is no truth-telling without persecution.

Pope francis said of the persecuted, "the people have the right to know what really happened." That's a revolutionary statement.
In our case, the federal government demanded to know what we were about and our frank answer brought an avalanche of persecution and bullying down upon us.
But Romero and Rutilio say @ME TOO! so here's a song for them,
Dedicated to Rutilio, Romero and the Right to Realistic Reporting.
Oscar blazed into action after the assassinatino of his bff Rutilio.

lyrics: He loved the poor, and thats for sure, and he got shot and I wanna know what for.
I know whats up, the cover up, so you can sell your weapons to El Salvadooooooor
Everyone else in the world is asking, everyone else but YOOUUU Rutilio lit up the world like nobody else, and when they killed him my spirit was overwhelmed, right now I'm writing to carter cause I cant believe, you dont knowwww who killed rutilio...thats becasue its caus you killed Rutilio!

So, as Billy Joel once said, "its' a matter of trust.

1 this trust is gonna ask for our hearts. We have to mobilize our goodness and thats how we start, and a true story never will end, but we're gonna find out who is our friend,
2. The first lesson that we all have to learn, the angel has a holy fire, we're gonna get burned, so run away from love if you must, but we're putting everything in the trust.
3. Poor people, gays and coloreds and girls, we have to fight to tell our story all over the world but we've got an abundance of proof, so we're gonna go to court with the truth,
4. The price of truth is so hard to pay, you shut your mouth because the violence makes you afraid, and oscar says resist the law if it is unjust...but we've got the trust..,
5.dont measure the distance, don't fear the resistance, We all have our doubts but let's get up on the rooftop and shout...
6.Poor people they have nothing to lose. The rich can take it they can leave it cause they get to choose but pascal says we should bet everything, in the end it all belongs to the king,
This trust is gonna ask for our minds, it's gonna ask for all our money, our skills and our time, and the goal is heaven or bust, and the highway is the cherry moon trust! 7. We know what you're scared of, the thugs will take care of, they're big and they're strong, but they dont' always know right from wrong...this trust is gonna ask for our soul, we have to give it all to God and reliquish control...while the world tells lie upon lie, until you just want to break down and cry!
This trust is gonna ask for your heart...but if ou give it you'll end up in heaven wherever you satan he can eat all our dust...cause our muscle is the cherry moon trust!
and as Ezra Pound once said "GIRD ON THY STAR, we'll have this out with fate".

We have had a mighty war to promote the theory of reality that we subscribe to, namely, that the Eucharist is the secret to the "valanga di vita", it is the superfood we've all been waiting for, the superdrug and the theory of everything.
In other words, la VIA LA VERITA e la VITA.
It's the highway to Paradise for those who eat it, and could be described as the "PASCAL PLUG.

Most people in electrified societies know, if you put your finger in a socket instead of the plug, you might get shocked.
This is because electrons are charged up, and volatile like a volcano..waiting to turn into a valanga of life and seek the ground, also like a valanga or landslide.
They need a way to vent and they do that by connecting with protons.
Contact with a volatile human heart is also often shocking and may be deadly even as in the case of domestic violence.
If you are familiar with street lingo you know a plug is also a drug dealer/supplier.
We know that the existential crisis, nuclear bombs and the resultant drug epidemic had economic roots, in exploitation, and the lack of economic equality.
Of course-- energy, whether in the form of electricty or drugs, costs money.

In our case, PLUG also has an economic root but it is the root of Existential Eucaristic Energy, if you will.
Economics, Energy and Existence is related to the Eucharist in ways we have not yet full understood or even wondered about.
In our case, PLUG refers to a short history of the Company, which was formed for economic reasons.

Legal issue that needs research: the doctrine of assignment of income, and the necessity of addressing the new questions posed by trusts created in whole or in part to protect victims of domestic violence, such as the CHERRY MOON CHARITABLE TRUST.

hi romero yes we will mos def promote hou but please also answer our plea!!!!
Sapete voiatri? Meaning, did you all know?
October 9 is the feast of Saint Denis of Paris,the patron of those who have "lost their heads", look it up, and also of Saint Dionisio, the patron of Drunk as dionisio, by Dion and the musical Gabuzzis.

Potential Provost:
Original Gangster fans of the valanga's L is for Leon Dead Poets and Dead inside Society, will remember the chocolate records we chomped on not long after the feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy, where according to the bensonhurst bugatti designers and drivers, there really wasn't much to see.

the Mystical theology was sidetracked for a while but we are back on the track with the added protection of Engelblau and Uriel.
It's just a matter of trust.
Hee hee hee. Hee Hee Hee.
Do your own recording of a matter of trust, the answer to Nobody haffi know and the two year reflection on bensonhurst Graduation.
This trust is gonna ask for your heart. You've got to mobilize your goodness and that's how you start, and we don't ever want it to end, and you're gonna find out who is your friend.
the first lesson that we al have to learn, the angels got a holy fire and you're gonna get burned.
So walk away and ditch if you must.
But we're putting everything in the TRUST!

Imagine being the younger sister of an Eliot Rogers who looked more like the Terminator. incels are not one size fits all, believe us.
As we prepare to file for classification as a school, ( has a cool ring to it don't it?) we note that we have always constructively been a school for IRC purposes, even if our locus was a public library, the faculty were scattered across the globe and the student body never registered because most were hiding from the real life equivalent of norman stansfield or eliot rogers or Pablo Escobar.
That said, we are preparing our evidence that we are a school according to the IRC definition, and have been since Rogers shot up Santa Barbara because he couldn't get a date, and even before.
Another legal issue we need to clarify is, may members of the coop have their employer pay the trust directly to demonstrate that they have relinquished control of this money?
If so, even if coop members have an outside job, the could use that to fund the university and the money would still always be protected from harm. See the story of Stockbroker Salamone for more information.
Are you ready for your ABCs? when the attempt at anonymous angelic asylum had to answer the authorities, the birboni busted on out to bensonhurst bugattis for a beachfront blowout, until the cherubim charity chartered a document for a domain and dedicated donations to defend against danger, resulting in ENGELBLAUs FOUNDATION FOR FRUITY GARDENS. HOPE for INFINITE JOY through the KAIRO, says LEON MONTAGNA.
Note to fans of the histoire de coeur: NOBODY HAFFI KNOW is being tweaked slightly to reflect the new public declararation of independence of our company and the new refrain says "There's something you should know..the story of my heart".